integrations and middleware

We build complete systems that bring optimization to your e-commerce

It is common in e-commerce to use sets of systems to make the operation possible. Sales tracking systems, inventory management, delivery logistics organization are some examples of systems used.

Sometimes, some of these systems may not work in a unified way, which hinders the optimization of processes. And this is where the creation of a customized system or middleware that allows the integration of the systems is necessary.

Codeby has a team of experienced professionals in the creation of systems and integrations, which help the operation of its operation.

why integrate systems?


Since you don't have to enter the same information over and over again. A system enables integrated management, delivering the same information to all parties involved.


The information stored by the system is usually more assertive, which guarantees more reliable information and processes.


We define the best navigation structure. When a system is created to perform repetitive processes, your team can optimize time and dedicate itself to more complex and strategic processes.

Cost reduction

Once a system optimizes staff productivity and reduces errors that could happen, the reduction in operating costs happens in your business.

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