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About the service

We create your virtual store through a project defined and studied by our Project Architect, who will understand the needs of your business and develop a personalized project for your brand.

We divide the project into Sprints, which will serve as steps before the project is completed. And to keep everyone aligned, we have great management and communication tools, which are essential to manage and inform everyone involved in the project.

Understand the stages of your project



We want to know more about your business and from there run a study on the needs to plan the best solutions for your online store. This is where our Project Architect will detail what will compose each stage of the project, and suggest insights that better explore the capacity of your online store.



In this stage, we bring the team together and distribute the functions of each one within the project. A schedule is defined with a focus on delivery, in which we insert the steps of our action plan and important dates, such as alignment meetings.



Our team of developers has knowledge of the best programming practices. Therefore, in this stage we develop the source code with current languages and aiming at a better loading and SEO performance. Our team uses organization techniques in the code structure, so that the maintenance of your store can be performed easily.


Tests and QA

We have tested all aspects of your new online store and checked for errors in integrations with other systems that could harm your website experience. We fixed everything before the site launched.


Go Live

After approval and technical tests, your project is ready to go live and offer a totally new experience for your client. Our team is in contingency for 3 months, to ensure that your e-commerce does not suffer from any bugs.

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