Quem somos

Who we are

We are a company specialized in developing functionalities that boost growth to digital businesses.

With more than 6 years of experience providing for other big companies, we contribute with technological solutions designed to our clients’ individual needs.

We are specialized in e-commerce supported by VTEX and Shopify environments. Both are considered great multi-channel e-commerce platforms around the world. We have a team committed to both these platforms, ready to provide services in support, development and creation of new solutions.

Moreover, we have startups which seek to solve smaller challenges from virtual stores with innovative ideas that are affordable to small, medium and large businesses.

our values and mission

Create technology to make our clients more profitable.


Create technology to make our clients more profitable.


Be a technology loving company and provide our clients with incredible experiences.


Innovation, Honesty, Quality, Responsibility, Agility and Team Work.

Sobre os fundadores

Fellipe Guimarães

Fellipe Guimarães

Victor Almeida

Victor Almeida

Fellipe Guimarães and Victor de Almeida are, respectively, a computer scientist and a computer engineer who share the same passion: technology and development, thus joining forces to found Codeby in 2012.

Fellipe started coding from a young age. Passionate about technology and innovation, he loves designing technological solutions for the market and has recently been sharing his broad knowledge in the VTEX platform in trainings around the world.

Victor has always been curious about how things are made and, although venturing on photography, he found his true calling in Computer Engineering. Victor has already worked in a number of extraordinary projects and sums, to this day, over 50 storefront deliveries and a number of plugins.

Together, Fellipe and Victor are the perfect balance between creativity and realism.


Nossa cultura

At Codeby we guide ourselves through the Bushido Code, a conduct code and lifestyle for samurais which define guidelines to live in honor. That is what Codeby cherishes the most: to honor commitments with clients and make our best to make them successful.

The principles are: justice, bravery/courage, compassion, kindness, sincerity, honor, duty and loyalty.

These are the principles which grant the passion for what we develop, with the necessary quality to take constructive results to your business.

We commit to forming a team who shares these values because these will be the professionals taking care of your success.

Our team

Nosso time

Tudo é sobre pessoas!

Por isso nosso sucesso tem como responsável, nosso time.

Acreditamos que cada membro é uma parte importante para a equipe continuar evoluindo e alcançando resultados incríveis.

Por isso valorizamos todo trabalho, ideia e iniciativa, pois são essas coisas simples que nos permitem evoluir e melhorar para criarmos soluções cada vez mais inovadoras e fazer cada dia melhor e mais feliz que o anterior.

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