Enabling Google Enhanced in VTEX - GTM - GTM

Enabling Google Enhanced in VTEX - GTM

To follow this tutorial it is necessary that you already have minimal knowledge in HTML, JS, JQUERY and google tag manager.

Set up admin first

Just click Admin -> Ecommerce Settings

Enabling google enhanced

Just click to enable the enhanced report

Set the label

Checkout Labeling is used to display the user outputs per section, works the same as the sales funnel, but with more data.


Let's get google enhanced then before we start implementing, let's go a little theory.

In Enhanced you need to implement the following tags:

  • Remove Cart
  • Product Details
  • Impression List
  • Shelve Click (do not recommend)
  • Checkout Steps (Shipping, Profile, Payment, Email, Cart Load)
  • Add To Cart
  • Orderplaced (We need to change the default vtex event to save SKU data not from product [the holder])

In Enhanced it is important to remember that you will always work with SKU data not at the product level, based on these assumptions we will follow.

To facilitate follow our repository with all tags:


We have a video too:


Complementing the information:


After installing the tags we have to call each tag when firing, here an example that we must use in all the tags just changing the trigger of the event:


I put it big enough for you to have access to information:

One super important thing and create this triggered with the event name of each tag, so you guarantee that it will be fired.

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